Are Makeup Removing Wipes Good for Your Skin?

This week, I actually had 3 clients tell me that they use makeup removing wipes “when they are lazy”, convinced that this quick step was helping their skin. And it would make sense… after all, one of the top rules of healthy skin is removing makeup before bed.

I give them (and you if you do this too) all the credit in the world for trying and doing SOMETHING! Yay! You are on the right track… 

But… Let me to straight to the point and tell you why this is HORRIBLE to do.

Think about this: 
1) To remove makeup, these wipes need to contain some sort of soapy ingredient. Soapy ingredients are incredibly drying to our skin. Therefore, to begin with, we are putting drying agents on our skin.

2) Then, for these wipes to stay free from bacteria and mould, they are filled with preservatives and strong chemicals that are really not the best ingredients to put on our skin. After all, they are sitting there damp and dark with an incredibly long shelf life. What would happen if you left a damp towel in a dark place? Mould within days right? Cant help but wonder why these wipes don’t do the same… 

3) The biggest problem of all: Not only are these ingredients bad, but you are leaving them ON YOUR SKIN overnight. Which is the time when our skin renews and needs only the best ingredients lingering around to be used by our skin to repair itself.

4) Are you panicking yet?

My goal is not to make you panic, I promise. I would suggest you to stop using these wipes though, and if you are, and absolutely love them, and are NOT willing to give them up, at least give your skin a really good cleansing after using them.

Please don’t think that using these ALONE is doing your skin any good. Using them before a proper skin care routine is debatable. Using them on their own is absolutely terrible. Just don’t.

What To Do Then?

Coconut oil!
I really love coconut oil to remove makeup before my nightly routine. It will take off the most stubborn waterproof mascara and liner (trust me). Just add some to the tip of your fingers and spread through your entire face. Acne friendly too! No worries.
MAKE SURE YOU REMOVE IT COMPLETELY with your cleanser as it is a little too heavy for our skin. 

So Now you know it… Please stop using these wipes, and if you absolutely must, remove any possible residue left behind from these wipes. 

I’d love to hear from you! Do you love these wipes? Is this horrible news for you? Have you tried coconut oil? 

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Have a glowing week!