Are Omega Oils Good For Skin?


I’m back!
And today I want to talk a little bit about a subject that came up several times during my trip (which was lovely by the way!)

For some reason, Omega3’s have come up a lot lately. And it’s no surprise!

I have seen significant changes in people’s skin after they take O3’s.

Omega 3’s are simply amazing.¬†Not just for the skin, but for our entire body.

Here’s a little infographic that will make it a lot more fun rather than reading my words ūüėČ


Omega 3’s are found in many foods


You can also take supplements (which is what I prefer to do, since sometimes we don’t eat as beautifully as we should)

My personal favourite?¬†Ascenta Nutrasea.¬†They even have a¬†special one for the skin! It’s amazing.

Oh and they have a special¬†Omega oil for pets. Chicha takes it and her issues with her skin are a thing of the past. She used to get the typical schnauzer scabs… yuck!
Now? They are 100% gone…¬†image

Most importantly: they are a canadian company, which I love.

In conclusion:

Omega 3’s help with inflammation, inflammation is the root of all problems, if we get to the root of skin issues (eczema, psoriasis, acne) we SOLVE the issue.¬†

Simple as that! ūüôā

I hope this post helped you learn about omega 3’s and how important they are to our skin and our health!

Now get that skin glowing from the inside out! 
What? What about the outside you said?? Well.. come see me for a treatment of course!

Have a glowing weekend!


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