Dr. Baumann Cosmetics


Nature is our role model

Our multi-layer liposomes contain the same composition as human skin cells. These are essential components of the intercellular substance found between skin cells. In other words, you are caring for your skin with skin!

Combining high performance with the best natural products, Dr Baumann’s products contain no animal ingredients and are not tested on animals. For naturally beautiful and healthy skin, the products also contain no chemical preservatives or mineral oils.



BeauCaire offers the same compatibility guarantees as all of Dr. Baumann Cosmetics’ products. However, the packaging is more simple, the active ingredients less concentrated, and the natural vegetable oil is a palm oil instead of the more expensive oils used in other Dr. Baumann products.


SkinIdent_1From the day we are born, our skin is being protected by a layer, which keeps the skin beautiful, flexible, moisturized and in good condition. The skin itself produces this protecting layer. Our body supplies the necessary and correct substances to take care of our skin’s daily health. Of course, this layer also absorbs dirt. Every time when the skin is cleansed this “dirty layer” is being removed. What the skin really needs is the same correct substances that it produces itself, which it may not be able produce quickly or sufficiently.

Dr. Baumann SkinIdent: a revolutionary step forward

With SkinIdent, Dr. Baumann makes sure the skin gets what it needs. Ingredients identical to those naturally produced by the skin are isolated out of high-graded natural active substances. All other elements are removed so that 100% compatibility with the skin can be reached. Dr. Baumann Cosmetics now has the highest quality ingredients of at our disposal, which are a necessity for perfect harmonious skin care.

Dr. Baumann SkinIdent is the first and only skin care line that is made exclusively out of skin and body identical ingredients and vitamins.