Skin Cancer Breakdown

It wasn’t my original intent to write about skin cancer today, but this morning I came across a campaign from the Dermatology Association of  Mexico (Spanish speakers: click here and it made me think a lot.
There is a lot of misunderstanding and confusion when it comes to skin cancer, and people still believe it’s a “ghost cancer” that only sun-worshipers get.

Sure, sun-lovers have a much higher risk, but it can happen to ANYONE. Therefore, I would like to share some tools stay healthy and identify any “risky” moles.

Tool#1: Always remember the ABCD of skin cancer

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Tool #2: Know the 3 types of skin cancer:
Squamous cell carcinoma, Basal cell carcinoma, and Malignant Melanoma.
Their names come from the layer of the skin in which they start to form.

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Squamous and Basal Cell Carcinoma are usually blister-like or scab-like lesions that appear on the skin that don’t go away. Unlike regular lesions that eventually heal, these keep reappearing.
Malignant Melanoma looks like a black scab. Because of its rapid growth and ability to spread to other organs, it is the most dangerous type and should be checked immediately.

Tool #3: Alongside a yearly checkup, self-examination is the most important step to take towards a healthy, cancer-free skin. Map your moles, check for any sudden changes or lesions that won’t heal (and get them checked as soon as possible).

Tool #4: (I’m sure you’ve heard this before) make an effort to stay away from the sun. I prefer a physical shield to any sun block (hat, roof, umbrella).

 Tool #5:  Read, get educated, and check what you put on your skin. There are a lot of toxic ingredients that are being researched for their cancer-causing side effects, but more on that another day. (I could go on, and on… ingredients are my weakness! In the meantime, feel free to check Have a beautiful, healthy week!