Winter Skin SOS

This Winter has been one of the harshest in the past (at least) 10 years. I have seen clients that normally have healthy skin come to my spa looking red, flaky and completely dry…. sometimes with eczema, and even acne. 

Winter usually takes a toll on the skin, but this particular Winter has been affecting everyone more than ever. 

If you look anything like me when I go out, you probably look like a Wilding… or something like this:

Think about it this way: picture your hands if you didn’t wear gloves. Now think about your face, being the only part of your body that is not covered…

Do you have any idea the toll that takes on our skin? Imagine if you left your hands uncovered for the same amount of time… they’d be destroyed wouldn’t they?

If there is a time when your skin can benefit from some TLC it’s Winter time.  Click Here to read my tips on how to avoid dry skin during the Winter

Why Get a “Winter Warmth Facial Treatment” this Winter?
First and foremost because you will feel like this afterwards: 

But also…

1. Diminish Fine lines and premature wrinkles.
Most fine lines, which are caused by dehydration, virtually disappear with a good hydrating facial.

2. Warmth
Need I say more? Cozy, warm, relaxed pampering to give you a little heaven escapade.

3. Calm Down Itchy Dry Skin.
Any redness, flakiness and irritation could be caused (or worsened) by the dryness of the Winter weather. This condition is immediately calmed down after a facial. 

4. Get your natural glow back.
When your skin is (quite literally) fighting the elements, it doesn’t have time to repair itself and look glowy. A facial takes care of damage, giving your skin a break allowing it to repair itself faster and better.

5. Helps Make Up Goes on Smoother and Flawlessly.
You know… when that foundation or powder just emphasizes the areas that are flaky… yep.. we all know what that looks like… GONE! 

What are you waiting for? Have you booked your Winter Warmth Facial yet? Remember you can book online now. 
Hope to see you all soon!

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